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Yrd. Doç. Op. Dr. Mustafa Karaca

Yrd. Doç. Op. Dr. Mustafa Karaca

Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist

Phone : 444 23 64
Education : İstanbul University Faculty of Medicine
Foreign Language : English


I was born in 1939 in Gaziantep. primary, secondary and high school education Gaziantep'tetamamladım. In 1959-60, I started to study medicine at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine. I finished my medical education in 1965-66.

After graduation, I went to Mardin to do my military service. Later, I worked as a general practitioner in a health center owned by SSK in Erzurum Askale for a while. Between 1973 and 1977, I received my specialization in Neurosurgery in Istanbul. In 1978, I returned to my hometown Gaziantep and worked at the State Hospital for a while.

After completing my academic career in 1989, I left my position in the faculty for some specific reasons. From the beginning of 2017 I work in Bursa Private Life Hospital. I am married and have four children. On 29.12.2009, the national patent was received on the basis of the international patent application.